Look Who's 20!

Gail Davis, 30 May 2019

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Celebrating 20 Years - Part 5: New Discoveries

Gail Davis, 24 May 2019

Although I am known for the Nando Parrado story, his is just one of many powerful, inspirational stories that our agency has helped people tell over the years—here are a few others...

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Celebrating 20 Years - Part 4: The Big Move...the Rebrand

Gail Davis, 30 April 2019

In 2011, Gail Davis & Associates decided to re-locate and re-brand!

Written by Gail Davis, Founder and President 

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Celebrating 20 Years - Part 3: Growing Pains and Gains

Gail Davis, 16 April 2019

They say slow and steady wins the race, and in our case that has definitely been true. In 1999, we did one contract. The next year we closed 11 contracts, and the year after that we closed 25. With persistence and consistent effort, we’ve grown our business organically. Last year, we booked 335 events. 

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Celebrating 20 Years - Part 2: Turning Points

Gail Davis, 27 March 2019

I am often asked, “when or what was the turning point for your business?” In 20 years, there have been many watershed moments, but there is definitely one that stands out.

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Celebrating 20 Years - Part 1

Gail Davis, 07 March 2019

Have you noticed that GDA Speakers has a new logo? If you guessed that the “20” that’s incorporated means that we’re celebrating a 20th anniversary, you guessed correctly. Right now we’re finalizing plans to commemorate this exciting milestone at a celebration we’ll host later this year. In the meanwhile, as we lead up to the big day, I thought it would be fun to reflect on the last 20 years through a series of blogs and photos that offer insight into who we are and our journey through the last two decades.


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