When will large and in-person events make a comeback?

Gail Davis, 21 July 2020

That’s the real question, isn’t it?

And the answer is, we wish we had a crystal ball. Sadly, ours got lost in the mail. But for now, here is how we envision things playing out.

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Case Study: "Virtual Made it Possible"

Gail Davis, 30 June 2020

Case Study
Burgundy Asset Management, Ltd.

Burgundy Asset Management, Ltd. is a global discretionary investment manager. The company has a five-year history with GDA Speakers. Executive Vice President and COO Robert Sankey originally reached out in 2015 to inquire about booking a specific speaker, Nando Parrado. He expressed interest in bringing Nando in to speak at a corporate event.  Unfortunately, the timing of Nando’s travels and the various event opportunities at Burgundy never matched up. Gail and Robert continued to stay in touch several times a year.

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You need a good moderator/host for your event. Here's why.

Gail Davis, 17 June 2020

When organizing a live event, you know the importance of having a host. He or she could be a professional emcee, an executive from your company or a non-profile speaker like a local newscaster. Regardless, the role of a host is crucial so your event stays on schedule. 

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How are fees being adjusted for virtual appearances?

Gail Davis, 02 June 2020

It seems intuitive that since speakers aren’t appearing in person, fees would go down. After all, the time for travel and time away from home have disappeared. But the answer isn’t as cut and dry as that.

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Celebrating 20 Years- Part 8: Staying Tech Savvy

Gail Davis, 05 July 2019

Being in the business of speaking, we hear all the latest thought leaders and accompanying buzz words.  Disruption, re-tooling and change management are all concepts we hear about daily.  At 20 years, it is fun to reflect back and think about how many massive changes we have seen and to think about the impact.

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Celebrating 20 Years- Part 7: IASB and EO

Gail Davis, 20 June 2019

“You can’t do it alone”---no truer words have been spoken. I have tremendous gratitude for two organizations that have played critical roles in my entrepreneurial journey: IASB (International Association of Speakers Bureaus) and EO (Entrepreneurs' Organization).

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