Rex Lewis-Clack and Cathleen Lewis

Gail Davis, 29 October 2008

Rex Lewis-Clack and Cathleen Lewis I had the most incredible experience last week in Lake Tahoe. It was one of those moments a vision came to fruition.

But let me take a few steps back. The best way to appreciate the moment might be to share some background.

As the owner of this incredible company, I have booked speakers all over the world.

In April of 2004, I got a phone call from one of the most successful speakers in the business, Tom Sullivan. He began to tell me about Cathleen Lewis.

Cathleen sounded like an incredible woman in her own rite – a Stanford graduate, who moved to Paris where she lived and worked for many years, first in fashion as a model, and then in finance running a currency options trading desk.

But, none of what she had learned in those challenging, fast paced worlds could prepare her for the emotional and physical upheaval that followed her son, Rex's birth and the discovery that he was blind.

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