The Journey Never Ends...Sharing What We Learn Along The Way

Gail Davis, 23 June 2021


I always appreciate the opportunity to help women who are in the early stages of building their own business. 23 years ago when I founded GDA, the number of women owned businesses was certainly less than it is now. I was fortunate to have received advice from Jo Kling, Mary Charles and Alicia Marie.  I am also a life-long learner and truly took in as much as I could from books, articles and speakers (naturally) to help me navigate my way as I started my speaker’s bureau.  And while it is more common today to have women leaders and women business owners, I always appreciate when someone spotlights people who started a business and they can share their stories so others can learn and grow.

Maureen Borzacchiello is (as she states it), OBSESSED with helping women succeed and excel in business and in life. As an entrepreneur, speaker and consultant, her RealTalk podcast focuses on helping women navigate growing and scaling a business. By highlighting personal experiences and having her guests share their journey – the successes and the challenges, she aims to help women succeed. Well this is right up my alley, so naturally when Maureen reached out and asked to interview me on my entrepreneurship journey, I was more than happy to participate. 

I would like to share this podcast with you. And while there is a focus on starting your own business, we touch on many topics from hiring and managing people, considerations for becoming a public speaker to personal growth and development.  I hope you find it interesting, informative and maybe even inspiring.