Everyone Should Book John O'Leary

Gail Davis, 13 June 2013


I wanted to let you know that we had our first YPOLA chapter event of the year yesterday.  We had John O’Leary speak to us and I think that he’s the next Nando.  You know I am picky about speakers.  John is a diamond in the rough (the rough part has to do with the fact that he is not that popular yet, not that he is not polished).  John was fantastic – everyone loved him.  He has an extraordinary story that he delivers with grace, thought and power.  Whether you cry or you laugh, you certainly grow once you hear John’s story.  If you don’t know John, you can get in touch with him through his website http://www.RisingAbove.com/.  

All the best, Ed Bagdasarian

I could tell there was something there but I still had not heard John speak live.  Finally, in April of 2010, I was in New York City for a large Texas Roadhouse event.  The CEO was yet another YPO member, G.J. Hart, and he had John on his agenda for this event.  Sometimes when something has a lot of hype you go into it and there is no way it can measure up.  This was not the case with John.  I was blown away.  The power and sincerity of his story was very authentic.   I immediately shared with my team and we began booking John O’Leary. 

In April, John was one of six speakers at the International Association of Speakers Bureaus annual conference.  GDA Speakers nominated him for the opportunity.  I was so proud of him.  The attendees are a tough group to impress.  They are jaded.  They have seen and heard them all.  John got a rousing standing ovation.  He 100% passed the industry test! 

John shares one of those great stories that hold so many universal truths.  It really is not a story about a little boy who was burned and was fighting for his life.  It is a story about how we need each other and how others encourage us when we do not see a way beyond our circumstances.  It is about having a different perspective.  Give your attendees a keynote experience that will be life changing.  Book John O’Leary!


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