Staying In The Learning Lane

Gail Davis, 04 October 2023

Recently Ryan Estis worked with the GDA sales team, sharing and equipping them with invaluable sales tactics and insights. He made a great point that stuck with me about how important it is to stay in the learning lane. Recently while reading the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal, it hit me how many of the speakers we work with tie into current events.

Take Jóse Hernandez, for starters. GDA has known and worked with Jose since 2007. I have always loved his story but it really came alive in a new way for me when I watched Amazon Prime Video’s new film based off of Jose’s life called A Million Miles Away. What a wonderful movie with a perfectly timed release in the middle of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Speaking of movies…..have you seen the hype around the new movie Dumb Money? Talk about a great cast including America Ferrera, Shailene Woodley, Pauk Dano, Pete Davidson, Seth Rogen, and more. The movie is based off of a book titled The Antisocial Network by best-selling author Ben Mezrich. GDA booked Ben many times when the film 21 was released which was based on his book Bringing Down the House. Ben is well known for capturing the details of the biggest stories and events of our time.

My favorite way for our team to stay in the learning lane with relative business speakers is to take a gander at the Wall Street Journal's top 10 business books. Even based on this past Saturday’s list, I’m happy to say I was very familiar with nine of the top 10.

Ryan was right! Staying in the learning lane helps ensure we recommend the most timely and relevant speakers and content to our clients. As you read the latest articles, watch the news, or keep up with the newest movies, GDA is here to help you book the perfect speaker. Our team would love to discuss these thought leaders with you and help determine who is best suited for your audience and upcoming event.