Qualifications for Becoming A Speaker

When researching and recommending speakers to our clients, we come across several new faces and names that we would like to get to know better.

And there are several speakers that have not yet had the chance or the correct venues to get their speaking career off the ground. We can help.

Helping you step into the spotlight is one of our specialties. With combined efforts your speaking career could take center stage. We research many speakers when trying to find the correct voice for our client’s message. If you are standing backstage, please step forward and be heard. We would enjoy the chance to review your materials and help you to either begin or to grow your speaking career.

If you are a beginning speaker or a speaker who wants to take it to the next level and get booked more at higher fees, we invite you to contact Jane Atkinson. She has been helping speakers double their business for more than 15 years. For more information go to http://www.speakerlauncher.com.

If you are a developed speaker currently booking at a fee of greater than $10,000, please send ALL of the following materials:

  • Recent (within 12 months) video of speech before a live audience (at least 4-5 minutes in duration)
  • Press Kit (electronic format)
    • Biography
    • Photograph
    • Fee schedule: Keynote fee, Nonprofit fee, travel requirements, etc.
    • Speech topics and descriptions
    • Three references from groups you have spoken to within the past year
    • Articles, if available
  • A copy of your latest book

What We Can Promise You

We will review your information after receiving ALL of the above materials. If we determine that you are a good fit for our bureau we will contact you for permission to list on our website and for any additional questions we may have.

  • Regrettably, the volume of information we receive from potential speakers makes it very difficult to talk with each candidate personally. Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries we receive, we cannot respond to questions regarding the status of your submission.
  • Failure to include all necessary information will result in us not being able to consider your materials. In particular, we cannot consider submissions without a video of a live speech.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a speaker represented by GDA Speakers. Information should be forwarded to:

New Speaker Director



Our Unique Speaker Portal

The speakers we work with have the ability to access their speaker portal through GDA's newly launched, state-of-the-art portal system.

Speakers are able to log in to review, update and add their speaking materials. The information then feeds to our internal database which is used by our agents for client proposals, agreements and website (if you choose to be on there). The speakers have access to their portal 24/7 for convenient updating in real-time.  


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