Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the GDA of GDA Speakers? GDA Speakers began in 1999 as Gail Davis & Associates. Founded on the strength of one speaker, the incomparable Nando Parrado, the bureau now has relationships with the top speakers from around the globe.  We have vetted those speakers and curated a number of highly qualified speakers who we trust and deliver with confidence to our clients.

Can’t you find a speaker on the internet? Absolutely. The Internet is a great research tool. However, working with GDA Speakers you will be given proven recommendations based on research you won’t find online. Once we understand your goals, our recommendations will utilize your time and our long-term relationships will ensure a strong connection between the speaker and your event. From fees and travel details to real audience reactions, we have a depth of knowledge to take you from finding a speaker to creating an experience.

Can we negotiate the fee? Many speakers have a strong commitment to fee integrity. However, there are some variables that can sometimes be taken into consideration. For example, event exposure, book tours, and travel schedules. If the perfect speaker for your event is slightly out of reach, we will partner with you to create the most attractive offer and present it to the speaker.

What happens if a speaker cancels? Cancellations are very rare in this industry. In our experience speakers will do almost anything to ensure they make it to the event – we’ve even had an exclusive speaker charter a plane to make it to an event after his flight was canceled. Speakers know it’s their job to get there! However, there are times when emergencies or illness cause a cancellation. Times like these are rare, but it’s important to know that GDA Speakers is always prepared. We utilize our knowledge and contacts to quickly find excellent replacement options for you and work to ensure the event is a total success.

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