Trending Keynote Topics

These trending keynote topics are experiencing a surge in popularity. These topics and the keynote speakers that speak on them, are among the most searched and sought after. Contact GDA today to book the perfect keynote speaker for your event.

Innovation / Creativity

Innovation and Creativity is the ability to inspire a dynamic vision to create something unique. Innovation and Creativity keynote speakers celebrate creativity and innovation. There is an experimental path to challenging assumptions and conventional wisdom as well as having the courage to foster responsible risk-taking and authentic creativity to spur on new practices and ways of doing things.

Inspiration / Achievement

Inspiration and Achievement encourages and influences by simple presentation of an idea or activity. Inspirational and Achievement keynote speakers share stories that can be heartbreaking, yet inspiring, to motivate citizens and audiences to make a change for something bigger than themselves.

Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity is having the right attitude and mindset to turn any type of misfortune into a triumph. Adversity keynote speakers have overcome by being able to stimulate creativity in the midst of challenges, expanding boundaries by concentrating on positive outcomes, and understanding every personal or professional disadvantage has a positive outcome if one is able to take hold of the present with clear focus, resilience, perseverance.


Political keynote speakers offer us a glimpse into a complete understanding of politics and all that it encompasses: political parties, campaigns, media, election coverage, journalism, opinions, and ethics defined by those in public office. Politics allow unparalleled insight on how political parties make key decisions shaping our economy to improve multinational relationships, human rights, diversity, immigration, laws, policies, and statutes.

Business Growth / Strategy / Trends

Business Growth, Strategy and Trends are analytical and strategic ways to target, penetrate and diversify a competitive edge and presence in the marketplace. Cutting edge business growth strategies discover innovative ways to lead during tumultuous times and developing new target markets to inspire for better results. These keynote speakers are experts on strategic analysis, results orientation, customer focus and collaboration.


Leadership is being an agile visionary and having the relational capacity to redefine what is possible to set a concise direction in a dynamic and committed way, in order to improve individual performance as well as creating an environment of psychological safety and high accountability. Leadership plays a primary role in creating and sustaining optimal culture. Our Leadership keynote speakers are individually unique in delivering on such topics.

Mental Health / Psychology

Mental Health and Psychology recognizes a holistic model of care and concern from world-class professionals to address all components of treatment and recovery. Mental Health and Psychology keynote speakers are psychologists, scientists, life-coaches, survivors, and doctors that can speak to how our fast-paced world can take its toll on mind, body, energy, and spirit. They help to identify ways to eliminate self-defeating attitudes, de-stress, avoid burnout, emotional exhaustion, and depression.

Military / Veterans / Patriotism

Military, Veterans and Patriotism keynote speakers exude duty, loyalty, honor and service to one's country above all else. Military, Veterans and Patriotism is an unwavering sacrifice and staunch support for the Constitution, election process, and one's country. At a time where there is immense change, disruption, and unconventional shifts, military, veterans, patriots give a roadmap of authenticity and honesty to help leaders navigate this uncertain time successfully.

Technology / Alternate Technology

Technology involves engineering, programming and innovating to provide major changes to the field of artificial intelligence, computing industry, and exponential growth. Technology provides insight into the companies, technologies, artificial intelligence, networks, and global forces shaping the age of machine intelligence and, Technology keynote speakers are adept at accurately predicting business, strategic management, consumer and technology trends.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance is making incremental improvements and shifts to sharpen and improve in life, relational connections, and professionally. Peak Performance involves incredibly hard work, perseverance, goals and taking implausible challenges to rise above mediocrity to produce excellence. Peak Performance keynote speakers are sure to fascinate any audience.

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