IASB Convention Recap

Gail Davis, 30 November 2022

Each year, the International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB) hosts a convention for bureau partners to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas and expertise. Gail Davis shares why 2022 Engage convention in Chicago was one of the best yet.

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Making the Client the Hero: GDA's Client Portal

Gail Davis, 21 October 2022

The GDA Client Portal is designed to make you, as our client, the hero. GDA Speakers Founder & President Gail Davis expounds on the benefits of the GDA Client Portal.

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Meet Our NEW Gold Star Speaker!

Gail Davis, 05 October 2022

Our Gold Star Speakers truly represent the foundation that GDA Speakers has been built on. Founder & President Gail Davis welcomes Jeff Civillico to the GDA hall of fame. 

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Meeting & Event Planning Tips

Gail Davis, 24 August 2022

GDA Speakers Founder & President Gail Davis shares a few helpful tips that will make the planning, decision making, and speaker selection process smooth and simple.

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Speaker Fees: To Negotiate Or Not To Negotiate

Gail Davis, 20 July 2022

Supply and demand. GDA Speakers Founder & President Gail Davis shares her industry insights on the timing of negotiating speaker fees.

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How Speaker Fees Are Like Handbag Shopping

Gail Davis, 23 June 2022

Target or Prada? GDA Speakers Founder & President Gail Davis shares her "handbag analogy" to explain how to determine your event's budget for speaker fees.

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