Meeting & Event Planning Tips

Gail Davis, 24 August 2022

GDA Speakers Founder & President Gail Davis shares a few helpful tips that will make the planning, decision making, and speaker selection process smooth and simple.

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Speaker Fees: To Negotiate Or Not To Negotiate

Gail Davis, 20 July 2022

Supply and demand. Gail Davis shares her industry insights on the timing of negotiating speaker fees.

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How Speaker Fees Are Like Handbag Shopping

Gail Davis, 23 June 2022

Target or Prada? Gail Davis shares her "handbag analogy" to explain how to determine your event's budget for speaker fees.

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23 Years of Unforgettable Experiences

Gail Davis, 19 May 2022

Gail Davis shares the top 23 most booked speakers in GDA history. These keynotes serve not only as the foundation of GDA but as inspiration for your future events!

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GDA Polling Feature: Speaker Selection Just Got Easier

Gail Davis, 14 April 2022

Implementing client feedback - one vote at a time. Gail Davis discusses the client benefits of GDA's polling feature in the event planning process.

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The VIP Experience: Going Out of Style, Or Just on Pause?

Gail Davis, 16 March 2022

Is the VIP experience on the decline? Gail Davis shares the reasons behind less VIP parties being booked with clients and celebrity speakers. 

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