Why NOW Is The Time For Nando

Gail Davis, 25 September 2023

While Nando Parrado is an ideal keynote speaker choice any time, NOW is truly the best time. Gail Davis explains why in her newest blog.

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Nicole Malachowski: Nobody Wants To Live A Scripted Life

Gail Davis, 23 August 2023

Nobody wants to live a scripted life. Read the inspiring story of keynote speaker and first female Thurderbird Pilot Nicole Malachoski in this month's blog!

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Ken Schmidt: Standing Out Among The Competition

Gail Davis, 26 July 2023

Learn how 3 simple questions enabled Authentic Leadership and Customer Loyalty Expert Ken Schmidt to take Harley-Davidson to a new level of success - and offers your organization the same!

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Why ESG Matters for Business: Insights from Fortune's Geoff Colvin

Gail Davis, 27 June 2023

As business leaders face their biggest challenges, Geoff Colvin is the voice of experience providing valuable insights and best practices for organizations on prioritizing ESG.

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The Message of Hope that Supersedes Media Clickbait

Gail Davis, 16 May 2023

As the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 rescue is already in full swing, there is lots of exciting content and news surfacing in the media. Gail Davis provides clarity to help you navigate the media buzz and focus on the truth and beauty of the stories of the 15 survivors.

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Adding Value with Emcees & Moderators

Gail Davis, 25 April 2023

Add value to your next event with a host who is as equally engaging as they are energizing. Gail Davis shares what makes an ideal event host along with GDA's top picks of emcees and moderators.

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