Virtual Events are Fun, Engaging and on the Rise.

Gail Davis, 04 September 2020

Like you, we have seen a lot of interesting methods for people “gathering” in groups now. Perhaps you’re part of a weekly Zoom happy hour with coworkers. Or maybe you Facetime with your elderly parents during Sunday suppers. However you’re choosing to do it, we know you’re still connecting because we all need our friends, coworkers, and families.

As we look toward the future, we thought it would be constructive to focus on the positives that virtual elements bring to the table.

1. All attendees have a front-row seat for panel discussions, seminars, sessions, and keynote presentations.
2. Participants can interact through chat functionality with other attendees and/or event moderators and hosts.
3. Virtual events are more accessible to more attendees who usually may have to pick and choose which expo or convention to attend in any given year.

Vinh Giang

Vinh Giang an experience virtual presenter said on our Motivational Monday webinar "there is no Zoom fatigue if your delivery is engaging" and we couldn't agree more.


Jeff Civillico is an expert when it comes to taking virtual events to the next level. He does this through humor, energy, and high levels of engagement.