Visualizing and Training for Success

Gail Davis, 15 September 2021

I am currently training for another trip with Project Athena. This is my second trip with this group.  It is a real commitment.  For me, it starts with visualizing the end result.  In 1997,  I hiked the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim with the same group.  Visualizing the success is what got me started.  Then I had to really focus on how to incorporate the huge training commitment into my schedule.  It requires meticulous planning and the support and encouragement of family and friends.

It reminds me of planning spectacular, one of a kind experiences for the sales team when I led corporate events at EDS.  It all started with the vision.  Then we assembled a team and mapped out the milestones.  We had site visits, gantt charts and every other project tool imaginable.  With every team member's support, we delivered an event that only got better year after year.

In 1999 I started GDA Speakers, I took my event planning experience and created a company that was focused on supporting our clients vision by providing speakers who delivered a “wow” factor to their audiences. Over the years, we have fine tuned our values and invested in technology to support our clients.  This has them in the best position possible to deliver on their in person event vision. In 2020 we re-imagined events and with our clients took our same approach and committed to the virtual space.

I love a goal.  I love a vision and I love preparing so that the execution is flawless.  On April 26, I started my training for this year's Project Athena Zion Traverse which is a 50-60 mile hike.  To date, I have invested well over 200 hours of training. It is not only time on feet but finding the right hydration, equipment and clothes.  Each detail is setting me up for success.  I look forward to sharing the trip with you and hosting Robyn Benicasa on GDA Live after we complete the trip.