A Guest Blog from Nando Parrado

Gail Davis, 23 April 2012

I can still remember when Gail called me 18 years ago. She approached me with the idea of telling my story to a group of sales people at EDS, which I knew as Ross Perot’s company. I was very resistant, but if you know Gail, she can be very persuasive. It is a decision I do not regret. Speaking at EDS allowed me to develop a wonderful friendship with the CEO Les Alberthal and Gail.

When Gail introduced me at the EO event this week, she talked about how we first connected. Her invitation to speak began another journey for me, from hero of the Andes to giving hope. But we are both also entrepreneurs.

It has been rewarding to watch Gail grow her business and her team.  As I have traveled to speak over the world I hear over and over that Gail and her team are reliable and professional.

What struck me at the open house was the sense of family. All of Gail’s former employees attended the open house and many of our friends from engagements over the years. You can feel the connection. That is why I continue to speak for GDA Speakers. Gail and her team believe in creating an experience, a family. That is a true legacy.

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