GDA Podcast Recap | Jeff Kirschner Episode 1

Gail Davis, 04 May 2017

Jeff Kirschner was our first guest and the timing was incredible.  GDA Podcast  had Jeff on just before his TED talk was released in February 2017, which the TED talk is now  approaching 1 million views.  


Jeff is a new voice on the speaking circuit.  Since the TED talk, he has been booked to speak at the Smithsonian's Earth Summit conference (DC),and  Digital Festival 2017 (Brussels). Coupled with his presentation, Jeff talks about how one can pair a neighborhood clean up using the Litterati ap as a team activity to create impact.. 


If you are interested in how technology can support changing the world...this episode is for you. Click here to listen.


“A very simple act can lead to a much larger movement. ”- Jeff Kirschner.