Don't Wait to Book Your Speakers

Gail Davis, 19 September 2012

You miss out on valuable time to promote your speaker. You have strategized your meeting theme and selected the perfect speaker. By doing this early, you get the maximum opportunity to promote your event. Sometimes we hear clients say, “I wish we’d done this sooner so I could promote the event more.” For our corporate clients, there is value added for their internal teams when the decision can be made because it allows them to align the message. Time is on your side when you book early!

Start the New Year off ahead of the game! Everybody wants to have an awesome January! If you want to have your speaker selection complete when you return from the holidays, you need to begin the process early. I love the thrill of the last minute hunt, but as I said before, sometimes time is not on our side and first choices do get booked. Plan ahead! I encourage you to get your speakers booked before Thanksgiving. The process goes into slow motion over the holidays. Let’s get everything inked so we can all enjoy the holidays.

Don’t let the speaker selection become a “derailing” part of your planning. What do I mean? Scrambling at the end for a speaker takes away valuable time from other work you need to be doing. This is when having a trusted bureau partner is so important. I see it as my job to “push” you to ensure the speaker decision is made early enough to allow you to invest your last weeks leading up to an event on your internal speeches, the details and ensuring your team is ready.

There are so many benefits to getting the speaker decision made early because we know it is only one part of the overall success of your meeting. What are you doing for fun i.e. entertainment? Who is going to emcee the event? We can help with those items as well. The important point to remember about this blog… let’s get it started now!!

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