It Was No Coincidence

Gail Davis, 19 January 2009

My mother, Barbara Privett, who continues to reside in my hometown, Altus, Oklahoma, was inspired that evening to bring their story to Altus.

So one year later, I found myself traveling with Kristina and Connie to begin their speaking tour with three different engagements.

The first speech was at Altus High School. They spoke to 1,300 students. I have never seen an auditorium of high school students spellbound like this. The story made an impression.

Students bought their book and asked for photos and autographs.

At a distance, I saw some students crying. I wondered if the tears were for their own struggles with drugs and alcohol or perhaps a brother, sister, parent or friend. I remember feeling that if the presentation made a difference in one life, it was so worth it.

That evening, my mom and the committee who hosted the event asked Kristina and Connie to tell their story at a forum open to the public.

The crowd gathered, and what a crowd it was! I recognized lots of my friends and their families. In addition, there were people from various drug and alcohol treatment programs, recovery groups and even work release programs. While initially, the audience seemed divergent, we became one over the course of the evening.

Whether you personally struggle with the issue or not, the story brought home so many other issues. Forgiveness. Addictive behavior. Denial. Hope. Boundaries. And most importantly, the power of redemption.

I think the most moving message for me was the sense of community. Seeing everyone gathered sharing in the joy of a mother-daughter relationship saved after near destruction.

Today, Kristina and Connie are thriving speakers – they are actually on the road as I type!

In my mind, they are among the truly gifted storytellers who have lived to tell a tale that will change thousands of lives through the telling of it.

For example, a favorite client of mine is a national organization for business leaders that has chapters around the world. Many chapters are bringing this story to their members. Why, you say? It’s not business. No, but it is a great message leaders who are grappling with colleagues or employees struggling with addiction. Future chapters may even have a special session for kids.

And the icing on the cake for this incredible duo? The GDA team and our clients are not the only ones who believe this story must be shared. Recently, they sold the movie rights for a soon to be made major motion picture.