A Sense of Connection

Gail Davis, 24 November 2009

Recently I attended two funerals. One in my community and the other via the television for Senator Ted Kennedy. Again, I was struck by this need we have to come together. There is something about seeing the staffers gather on the Capitol steps that makes you aware of the need we all have to belong. At funerals and wakes there are often several different individuals who speak. Some use humor, some speak with passion. Those who speak have various styles with different presentations but often the same purpose.

When a company says they aren’t having a meeting. I worry. What happens to that human desire to belong? When companies say they don’t want a speaker. I worry. What happens to the message of the meeting? Tried and true, long before Facebook and Twitter, the spoken word was the rallying cry to gather the troops. Speakers have an incredible responsibility. Companies like ours also have a huge duty to make sure we know why our clients are having a meeting. We must understand the purpose and goal. We must carefully match the talents of the speaker to the desired outcome. And when we do…we set the stage for magic.