GDA Polling Feature: Speaker Selection Just Got Easier

Gail Davis, 14 April 2022

Are you working with a committee to plan an event? Do you have multiple stakeholders that weigh in on the final say? One of the biggest decisions you and your colleagues will have to make is choosing a speaker that is the perfect fit for your audience and your event. Now speaker selection just got easier with the GDA polling feature!

This tool was born based on a client’s suggestion with the goal of collaboration in mind. GDA Speakers offers clients this highly interactive polling feature in speaker proposals to let key stakeholders weigh in by name with their vote on their top speaker choice along with any additional feedback - all housed in one place.

Example of polling feature in proposal.

By having the ability to keep an ongoing tally of your team’s responses and comments, you’ll be able to prioritize speakers as back up options and even get ahead of the game in selecting a speaker for your next event!

We make it a practice to actively implement client feedback - and the polling feature enables us to do so even more effectively. At GDA, we are committed to listening to clients, prioritizing, and taking action to provide you with the ultimate client experience. Thank you to our client for this wonderful idea! It has proved to be an invaluable tool for our team and others.


-Gail Davis
Founder & President, GDA Speakers