Top A-Team Traits That Deliver Successful Results

Gail Davis, 03 November 2014

Over the years, I have learned a lot about teamwork and gained insightful advice about the inner workings of a successful team. Trust is a top priority in GDA Speakers culture, and I believe the success of the whole team is based on these top five traits.

#1. Trust: When you don't have trust, you just don't have a team. I am a firm believer that no team can effectively operate without trust. The trust level is high on the team because the culture puts a premium on this quality. In addition, I have a no tolerance zone for lack of integrity on the job. Our clients expect that they can trust us with major events, and when the company culture embraces trust as a must have, it's a win-win for all.

#2. Engage: When a person engages in what they are doing, it's contagious. Our office is physically set up to encourage the team to engage and collaborate, and they do it. However, it extends further than just work issues. The team also takes time to engage on a personal level. I think a healthy balance creates a strong and resilient team.

#3. Respond:
If a client or speaker needs something, response time is a top priority. Excellent service is our number one goal, and everyone knows it. When we hire someone, we make it clear that we respond quickly and with excellence. Making sure the team understands the expectations and why creates an effective and results-oriented team.

#4. Question:
If you have a question, ask it. One of the most powerful things about a team is that different perspectives bring great value to any project. The team is constantly posing questions such as “What if we try this?” or “Doesn't that create a higher risk something could go wrong?” It's very important to empower team members to ask questions. Good questions can excel your project to another level or save you from stepping into quicksand.

#5. Recognize:
I personally do not know anyone on the planet who doesn't need to be recognized for a job well done. We are just wired that way. However, recognition can't just come from the top down; it is vital that it travels horizontally across the team. The team understands this and I can't remember a day when positive words of recognition didn't fly through the office. Just a few simple words of recognition have the power to transform a day.

What other traits make your team successful?

Gail Davis is Founder and President of GDA Speakers, working with speakers and organizations to create the ultimate customer experience.

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