Milestones and Celebrations

Gail Davis, 25 March 2009

Just like raising a child or running a business, every project my clients start requires an incredible amount of energy and guidance. The most successful planners in the business have a vision. They understand the importance of details, but they also know that the secret ingredient in creating an event versus planning a meeting is passion. That passion and vision is what drives me to select the best speaker and the right venue for every unique event. But even more importantly, is how each guest feels when they walk out of an event. Were they inspired? Are they more knowledgeable now? Every event is unique and every event provides a certain experience.

I am drawn to the creative aspect of building these events. I love collaborating with clients to determine the ideal speakers for every occasion. I share my passion with the speaker when I describe why they were selected and how their audience reacted.

In the end, I stand with my client as we proudly smile at the finished product.

Gail Davis with son KyleEverything that I care about and invest my energy in, whether its raising children, growing successful businesses or building great events, are each born out of passion and my desire to create something significant that I can be proud of.

Happy birthday Kyle. I am very proud of you.