Eric Saperston is Another Gift

Gail Davis, 25 March 2013

My first phone call with Eric was magical. Yes, I said magical. Eric is part inspiration and part entertainment. No doubt his secret sauce is creating energy from the stage that is memorable, even palpable. He is very disarming. There is no doubt he brings his heart to every presentation.

For years I’ve described inspirational speakers as a gift you give an audience. They can watch business luminaries comment on television or books, they can see celebrities 24 hours a day, but when else can someone sit in a room and be spellbound by a story that is seemingly impossible? It’s a gift.

So back to my gift, Eric Saperston. Eric is a storyteller and a good one at that! He produced a documentary called The Journey that won South by Southwest. He offers a fresh and insightful message: how to inspire human potential.

Eric is someone who practices what he preaches. It’s why he lives in Hawaii. Seeking wonder and inspiration day-to-day. In our first conversation I asked how much of his life he wanted to dedicate to speaking? He replied that speaking was a joy for him, but he never wanted it to intrude on his passions, explorations and inspirations. Exactly what I wanted to hear. It’s another reason I am thrilled to represent him.

My former life as an event planner included several events in Hawaii. After planning these incredible events I became convinced that the magic of Hawaii will be lost if you try to plan something “Hawaiian” under the fluorescent lights of your office. You will miss the Aloha – the love and affections that the islands have to offer.

The late Paul Pearsall was a perfect speaker with the ideal message in Hawaii. It worked there. People were out of their environment and they were receptive. Paul Pearsall changed lives. Since Paul’s death, there has been a hole in the market. Eric is the perfect person to fill his shoes –whether on the islands, or the mainland.

As we close out the first quarter of 2013, I am awed. I get to share this fun, entertaining, incredible speaker with each of you. Eric is a gift you will want to give your attendees. They will thank you.

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