When will large and in-person events make a comeback?

Gail Davis, 21 July 2020

That’s the real question, isn’t it?

And the answer is, we wish we had a crystal ball. Sadly, ours got lost in the mail. But for now, here is how we envision things playing out.

1. Registration will be reworked to make everyone feel safer. That means health questions and temperature checks may go hand-in-hand with receiving your goody bag.

2. Event layouts may be altered so that social distancing is easier. This may mean vendor booths are spread further apart. Or there are decals on the floor to denote six feet distance and arrows indicating flow of traffic.

3. Meeting structures may be changed. Perhaps half of the attendees register to attend a conference Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon. Then the other half registers to attend the same conference Wednesday evening through Friday evening.

4. More and more meetings will have virtual components for a blended approach. It’s hard to replace certain aspects with virtual properties, but panels and other seminars may actually be enhanced by using digital assets.

GDA Speakers knows events, and we know how to make them stellar with engaging speakers no matter the platform. Yes, it’s an all new world, and it may be temporary. But, we know people benefit from gathering. Your employees and members still need updates, still need to learn, still need to be motivated. For now, virtual is the name of the game, and for your immediate virtual needs, we have been impressed with Intrado and Communique. Both are relatable platforms for turning any event (even multi-day) into an engaging virtual experience.