A Role Model for Those Who Stay, Leave and Everyone Else

Gail Davis, 10 September 2014

Leslie shares the powerful story of her abusive first marriage in a TEDx talk, and I encourage you to watch it. With more than two million views, it’s clear that this issue touches many lives and many are seeking to understand “why.”

Leslie acknowledges that she may not look like the typical domestic abuse survivor with her degree from Harvard, career as a columnist for the Washington Post and best-selling author, but she is quick to point out that abuse affects all races and all income levels.

What impresses me most about Leslie is that she has stood the test of time. The days of her domestic abuse are long behind her, but she continues to passionately speak out to increase awareness and spark behavioral change in how our society views and responds to victims.

With her personal and professional success she could have easily walked away and shut the door on her painful past, but she hasn't. After living through the horror of abuse, Leslie cannot close her eyes to the men and women still trapped.

I personally want to thank Leslie for her continued fight against domestic violence and show my admiration to her and all former victims who now assume an advocate role. Our society is a better place because you refuse to keep silent and shine a spotlight on an issue many would rather not see.

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