Don't Wait to Book Your Speakers Part 2

Gail Davis, 15 November 2012

Be sure you are knowledgeable about what your tier one competition is doing. How can you find that out? Do your homework and engage your bureau partner on this as well. They should be able to give you references. Also, know where the speaker is speaking. I can help sway the decision to know they are presenting at TED or the World Economic Forum or even an appearance on Dr. Oz.

Most importantly, all of these factors add up to confidence. When you are able to make a confident recommendation and explain why those options fit with the goals and strategies, you are the leader of the process rather than the note taker. Executives have so many decisions to make every day so it is great when they get a layup that has been well thought out.

If you need a friendly ear or cheerleader to prep you for the big meeting, that's why we are here. I have spent countless calls preparing clients for the big meeting, and we would be happy to do that for you. The clock is ticking, let's get started!

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