GDA Podcast Recap | Richard Resnick Episode 6

Gail Davis, 25 May 2017

Richard Resnick began his career working on the Human Genome Project as a software engineer under Eric Lander. Since then, he has gone on to bridge the research and commercial worlds as a serial entrepreneur.


Most recently, he led GQ Life Sciences, a company that focused on innovation in genomics and how industry players could best create competitive advantages using genomics. GQ Life Sciences was successfully acquired in late 2016.


Prior to GQ, he was the CEO of Harmony Line, Inc., an MIT Media Lab company, where he partnered with the famous composer/technologist Tod Machover to develop and commercialize music software and technology. Prior to Harmony Line, Resnick was the CEO of Mosaic Bioinformatics which he sold to NetGenics in 2000.


Beyond his success in business, Resnick consistently speaks to audiences about the history and promise of genomics.


Often our clients ask for a futurists.  That is such a broad category.  I have to guide them through the many ways information about the future can be presented.  Lately I find there to be a deep curiosity about the future of science especially when it come to the Human Genome Project.  Listen and enjoy. Click here to listen