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Gail Davis, 20 November 2013

Immediately I was impressed with her credentials…an undergraduate degree from Harvard and an MBA from Wharton. At the time she had written only one book titled, Mommy Wars. I knew the topic well. I had raised two sons while juggling a career. My problem was I wasn’t sure who would hire her to discuss it. So I bluntly posed the question to Leslie. Her answer stuck with me: “Well, men are interested in this topic and they don’t even know it. Most men meet their wives when they have a career. Once they start their families, if the economics allow, most couple decide the wife can raise their children better than outsourcing. Once the woman changes to this role, the dynamics with the couple change. Men need to understand why. Also if men employee women, they will be better managers if they understand the issue that face women juggling motherhood. And finally, once a man has a daughter, he sees the issue in a whole new light” Point well taken. I began to book Leslie and her Mommy Wars topic for Young President’s Organization.

Then in 2009, amidst the Chris Brown and Rihanna controversy, Leslie released her autobiography called Crazy Love. What an incredible story. I could not put the book down. But once again, I wondered who would hire her to speak on this topic. So again, I asked Leslie that question very directly. Again, her answer haunted me. She said, “Gail if you are abused in an apartment you are never alone. The walls are thin and you know others know. But when you live in a gated estate the stakes are high. It is very isolating. Sadly it is a bigger problem then you may realize” and with that we began booking Leslie all over. She was in high demand in October for Domestic Violence month. And then she was asked to speak at TEDX, Her video, Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave, was posted and now has over 1,130,000 views. It is incredible.

Two weeks ago, I flew to DC for Leslie’s latest book, The Baby Chase. This time I did not ask because I know. Leslie has a gift for exploring social issues that are timely, pertinent and of great interest. Take a look at Leslie Morgan Steiner. She is unique, strong, smart.


A few pictures from The Baby Chase book launch party.  For more pictures click here.










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