Where To Begin

Wondering where to begin your speaker search? Don't worry or feel overwhelmed by the options. GDA Speakers will partner with you to find the right speaker for your event.

The best speaker placements are made when we engage with our clients through a detailed phone conversation and review some of the decision points that will help us create a list of recommendations.

Some of those factors are:

Goal: What do you want your attendees to do? Be inspired to meet sales numbers, give more to your charity, change their mindset? You just might want them to be entertained or feel rewarded for a job well done. The options are endless, but it’s an important place to start.

Theme: Do you have a theme for your event or meeting? Share that with your GDA Speakers representative. Some of the most powerful presentations are built around themes to create a real connection to the big picture and organizational goals.

Budget: At GDA Speakers, we believe a budget isn’t a make or break criteria for finding the perfect speaker. Sometimes a lower budget speaker is the right speaker and sometimes you need the name recognition of a celebrity. Many times knowing your budget allows us to advise and help you build the most compelling offer to get the speaker of your choice.

Calendar and Location: Is your date flexible or set? Do you know the location? These details can help us find speaker options that might save you on travel or, if your dates are flexible, might help you get your first choice.

Utilize our downloadable 2024 calendar complete with holidays and monthly themes to spark ideas for your organization's event and theme.