Adding Value with Emcees & Moderators

Gail Davis, 25 April 2023

Add value to your next event with a host who is as equally engaging as they are energizing. Gail Davis shares what makes an ideal event host along with GDA's top picks of emcees and moderators.

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Women Bred, Women Led

Gail Davis, 16 March 2023

Women bred, women led. Gail Davis reflects on the female mentors who have left a lasting impact on her and the way she leads GDA Speakers.

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Buyer's Remorse: Signs & Solutions

Gail Davis, 23 February 2023

Buyer’s remorse happens to the best of us. Gail Davis shares the top four signs of buyer's remorse in speaker selection along with possible solutions.

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Dear Celebrity...

Gail Davis, 24 January 2023

Ever wish you could cut out the middleman and make a direct request to a speaker or celebrity? Gail Davis provides insights on tackling the issues that come with investing in booking a big name celebrity.

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The Power of Momentum: Insights from Suneel Gupta

Gail Davis, 19 January 2023

Learn practical techniques to embrace momentum from a special keynote speaker. Read the first of the new blog series in partnership with D'Amelio Network.

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Nando Parrado: Celebrating 50 Years of Influential Impact

Gail Davis, 14 December 2022

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 751 rescue, Nando's message "we all have our own Andes" has never been more relevant as it is today.

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