Rex Lewis-Clack: Class of 2013- A Guest Blog from Cathleen Lewis

Gail Davis, 17 October 2013

By: Cathleen Lewis

Just a few months ago, Rex donned cap and gown with the other members of his high school senior class and made the final campus walk to receive his graduation diploma.

It was a day of raw emotions – a sense of pride and accomplish washed over the ceremony when Rex’s classmates spontaneously erupted, “Rex, Rex, Rex … Way to go!” It was an ever-supportive shout from classmates who would be heading off to college, stepping out into independent lives.

But what about Rex? Where was he in all that coming of age stuff? It seemed a good question, given how long it had been hanging out there.

It’s been ten years since CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl first chronicled Rex’s life, and the intriguing interplay of his two extremes of disability and musical genius. A full decade! And out of a not quite 18-year life! Three separate 60 Minutes profiles, beginning at age 7, a Discovery Health documentary at age 11, and The Science Channel documentary, “Ingenious Minds” at age 15.

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A Magical Event

Gail Davis, 25 September 2013

Magic JohnsonTalk about creating an experiential event….my hat is off to Chrissy Nardini. Chrissy wanted to create a memorable kickoff event and thought of everything to make that happen!

The theme for her year is “Game Changers”. Chrissy selected NBA legend, Earvin “Magic” Johnson as the keynote speaker. They rented out Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis where she had the cocktail party and dinner on the floor of the arena.  She had all the attendees’ names scrolling on the LED rolling message board across the perimeter of the arena. The floral arrangements on the tables were made with a basketball as the base! All super clever ideas.

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The Impact of a TED Talk- A Guest Blog From Leslie Morgan Steiner

Gail Davis, 29 August 2013

By: Leslie Morgan Steiner

Leslie Morgan SteinerLast August, I got a call from Phil, an old friend I had not seen since our 1977 elementary school graduation. He knew that I was a frequent public speaker and writer. He had a question: had I ever considered doing a TED Talk based on Crazy Love, my 2009 memoir about surviving domestic violence in my first marriage?

Turns out that Phil, no longer the 12-year-old soccer fanatic I remembered, had founded TEDxRainier, the Seattle-based offshoot of the big TED conventions held every year in Long Beach, California. On one Saturday in November, Phil explained, 1,200 people would each pay $100 to gather in an auditorium at the University of Seattle to listen to 30 brief, impactful TED Talks. The speeches would be filmed and distributed via YouTube.

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The Day That Changed Our Lives- A Guest Blog From Steve Palermo

Gail Davis, 30 July 2013

By: Steve Palermo

Steve PalermoWith July 7th just a few weeks ago, it never fails to get our attention. There has been 22 years of July 7th’s that have passed since The July 7 of 1991. That’s the day when a young, recently married couple of five months had their lives turned upside down and forever changed.

I was shot outside of Campisi’s, a local Italian restaurant in Dallas, where I was having dinner with some friends, after having umpired a Texas Rangers baseball game. Two of the waitresses were leaving Campisi’s and heading home for the evening, when three young men jumped them outside the restaurant.  They began beating and mugging the waitresses and trying to steal their purses. From there, the night became a blur, which at times has blurred our lives.

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Everyone Should Book John O'Leary

Gail Davis, 13 June 2013

Everyone should book John O’Leary.  He has a powerful message and is a very authentic speaker.

Our database contains over 4,000 speakers.  I will only make a bold statement of absolute endorsement on those whom are deserving. 

John O’Leary was first brought to my attention by one of my YPO St. Louis clients, Donn Lux.  He really encouraged me to meet John so I invited John to come to my office and we met.  I have many speaker visits.  It is nice to meet a speaker in person but unless I hear them speak live, it is hard to truly understand their message.

A few months later in September of 2009, I got another email raving about John O’Leary.  This time it was from another YPO member in Los Angeles, Ed Bagdasarian.  Here is the text of his email:

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Eric Saperston is Another Gift

Gail Davis, 25 March 2013

Eric SaperstonDo what you love and the money will follow. Truer words have never been spoken.

Last fall, a generous client reached out to me and introduced me to a wonderful new speaker Eric Maddox. Then, in early January, it happened again.

I have worked with Richard Lowry for a number of years. I am always blown away with his attention to detail to create a true event experience – from the smallest concept to the most elaborate set on the stage. Richard impressed me as someone who loves his craft and has the skill to make a vision come alive.

When Richard reached out to introduce me to Eric Saperston, he referred to him as “a little known gem.” I was intrigued. And the more I learned about Eric Saperston, the more I felt he was the creative person I was missing from my roster.

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