The Anniversary

Gail Davis, 18 October 2021

Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021 was the 49th anniversary of the Uruguayan plane crash in the Andes Mountains. I had no idea how that event would change my life.

Twenty-two years later I was working for a large technology company. I was responsible for the annual Sales Incentive Trip. After watching the movie “Alive” I became intrigued in finding the hero, Nando Parrado, to speak to our audience. Back then there was no Google so I had to get real creative.  Nando initially told me he had no desire to speak but I remained determined. A few months later he spoke to our group in Maui and it was a huge home run. 

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Visualizing and Training for Success

Gail Davis, 15 September 2021

I am currently training for another trip with Project Athena. This is my second trip with this group. It is a real commitment. For me, it starts with visualizing the end result. In 1997, I hiked the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim with the same group. Visualizing the success is what got me started. Then I had to really focus on how to incorporate the huge training commitment into my schedule. It requires meticulous planning and the support and encouragement of family and friends.
It reminds me of planning spectacular, one of a kind experiences for the sales team when I led corporate events at EDS. It all started with the vision... 

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The Journey Never Ends...Sharing What We Learn Along The Way

Gail Davis, 23 June 2021

I always appreciate the opportunity to help women who are in the early stages of building their own business. 23 years ago when I founded GDA, the number of women owned businesses was certainly less than it is now. I was fortunate to have received advice from Jo Kling, Mary Charles and Alicia Marie. I am also a life-long learner and truly took in as much as I could from books, articles and speakers (naturally) to help me navigate my way as I started my speaker’s bureau. And while it is more common today to have women leaders and women business owners, I always appreciate when someone spotlights people who started a business and they can share their stories so others can learn and grow.

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Business Growth Speakers

Gail Davis, 20 May 2021

I always enjoy a good, vetted list. What are the top-rated products, best movies, TV shows – the best of the best reviewed and researched. In that spirit, I was talking to my team about what topics our clients are requesting for keynotes. With no hesitation, they all said “Business Growth”. Speakers who are experts on strategic analysis, collaboration, results and customer focused. Sounded like a top ten list was about to be made.


Check out our Top Ten Business Growth, Strategy and Trends keynote speakers who will help you cultivate the right leaders for your company and help your business stay competitive.

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The Other F-Word You Don't Want to Hear

Gail Davis, 14 April 2021

GDA Speakers had 190 events impacted by the pandemic. Imagine someone walking into your office and asking to see all the current contracts. You hand them over and they rip them to shreds and say "good luck" as they walk out. That is how it felt starting in March of 2020. It was as if everything was up in the air. And as I started to figure it all out, another dreaded F-word glared at me.  

Let’s face it, sometimes you just gotta say it...Force Majeure. Except there isn’t that sense of satisfaction after expressing it. More like an overwhelming sense of frustration. With the global pandemic everyone got real familiar with force majeure.

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Celebrity Booking Tips

Gail Davis, 18 March 2021

Virtual speaking opportunities have made celebrity keynotes more accessible than ever. In addition to the below video, here are some considerations when booking a celebrity or high-profile speaker.

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