Celebrating 25 Years - Part 5: The Cornerstones of GDA's Speaker Family

Gail Davis, 19 July 2024

Gail Davis dives into some GDA history with stories about how she met our GDA speaker family.

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GDA's Top Trending Speakers

Gail Davis, 21 June 2024

Gail Davis shares GDA's top trending speakers to keep on your radar - both for obvious and maybe not-so-obvious reasons.

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Celebrating 25 Years - Part 4: New Office, Same Mission

Gail Davis, 22 May 2024

New office, same mission. Gail Davis reflects on the homes of GDA over the years and the exciting 2024 move into our new office space - representing not only a physical expansion, but also a symbolic one of GDA's commitment to growth and excellence in delivering the ultimate client experience. 

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The Husband & Wife Duo That Every Event Needs: Sandra Joseph & Ron Bohmer

Gail Davis, 23 April 2024

Every organization needs to book Sandra Joseph and Ron Bohmer. It is that simple. Whether you are a non-profit raising money for a great cause, an organization celebrating a milestone anniversary, or an association looking for an experience of a lifetime - Gail Davis shares her experience working with Sandra and Ron and how they will leave your audience entertained, uplifted, and inspired.

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Celebrating 25 Years - Part 3: Cultivating Culture

Gail Davis, 22 March 2024

Every business owner knows there is much more to growing as a business than just the number of clients, closed deals, or employees you have. In her newest blog, Gail Davis shares how GDA intentionally cultivated a culture worth celebrating.

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Dandapani: The Risk Worth Taking

Gail Davis, 18 March 2024

Looking to shake things up and take a risk with a speaker that will leave your audiences both amazed and empowered with practical tools? Gail Davis shares how Dandapani checks all the boxes in her newest blog.

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