GDA Podcast Recap | Jim Carrol Episode 2

Gail Davis, 10 May 2017

Jim is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading global futurists, trends and innovation experts with a massive global blue chip client list.  Our conversation centers around innovation, trends and musing about the future.

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GDA Podcast Recap | Jeff Kirschner Episode 1

Gail Davis, 04 May 2017

Jeff Kirschner was our first guest and the timing was incredible.  GDA Podcast  had Jeff on just before his TED talk was released in February 2017, which the TED talk is now  approaching 1 million views.  

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The Story of the GDA Podcast

Gail Davis, 02 May 2017

In the 18 years since the founding of GDA Speakers, one of the many benefits of the speaking industry I've come to appreciate is the constant exposure to those that inspire others. Whether it be for business or personal improvement, common business phrases and buzzwords often shared are: Grow or Die, Innovation, Disruption, Value-add, Culture, Intentionality and Surround yourself with people smarter than you.

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same: 30 Years Of Perspective

Gail Davis, 23 November 2016

With nearly three decades of industry experience GDA Speakers president, Gail Davis, share's her thoughts and insight on what has changed, as well as what has remained the same in the speaking industry. 

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An Inspirational Story of Perseverance

Gail Davis, 27 June 2016

   I founded GDA Speakers because I believed in Nando Parrado and his story. I set myself and my business apart because I found someone who was new and different. I was able to passionately describe his story to potential clients and how it could profoundly impact audiences. Nando has been our most booked speaker for 17 years. I often hear, “Gail, we need another Nando.” Quite frankly, Nando is a tough act to follow.  His story is so unbelievable and so powerful – that, coupled with his humanity and humility always produces a crowd favorite.

  Then, I encountered Amanda Lindhout.

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Less Is More

Gail Davis, 17 May 2016

In 1995, while working on the other side of events as a meeting planner, I was in Maui with Rob Schneider.  He was so funny and I was looking for every opportunity to use him at EDS for our general session, awards night, recap video, anywhere he would fit.  Then he looked at me and shared something he learned on Saturday Night Live, “less is more.” He explained to me it is always better to leave the audience wanting more.

This advice has been valuable to me over the years in coaching speakers and clients for the maximum impact.  I recently found another great application for his lesson.  This month my company turned 17 years old.  In the beginning, I tracked the number of speakers in our database.  I was constantly updating the website to say GDA Speakers works with over 500, 1,000, 2,000 speakers.  Somewhere along the way that number got to 5,000.  That is when I remembered less is more.

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