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Religion keynote speakers encompass a system of deeply held convictions and beliefs. GDA sales agents can discuss the most appropriate religion keynote speaker for your group. Contact us today!

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Carl Bernstein

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist/Author & Political Analyst

Few journalists in America’s history have had the impact on history and their craft as Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Carl Bernstein. Drawing parallels between the past and the events of today, Bernstein provides invaluable context for our tumultuous times—colored with captivating stories from his legendary career.

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Jen Hatmaker

Author and Presenter of HGTV series "Your Big Family Renovation"

Jen Hatmaker is an American Christian wife, mother, author, blogger, and television presenter. The mother of five, her three oldest are biological and her two youngest are adopted from Ethiopia. She and her husband, Brandon, founded the Legacy Collective, a giving community that funds sustainable solutions to systemic world problems. 

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Pat Smith

TV Persona, Entrepreneur and President & CEO of Emmitt and Pat Smith Enterprises

Pat Smith is a busy wife, mother of 5, Ordained Elder, author, speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her non-profit, “Treasure You”, inspires women to pursue their second chance in life despite circumstances or setbacks.

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