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Marijuana and Cannabis keynote speakers communicate experience with chemical dependency and successful treatment to focus on marijuana education and consulting inside the substance abuse and disorder treatment field. With the legalization of marijuana and cannabis on the rise, GDA can set your group up with the right marijuana and cannabis keynote speaker for your group.

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Ricardo Baca

The Denver Post's first-ever marijuana editor and founder of news vertical The Cannabist

Ricardo Baca is a 20-year veteran journalist, keynote speaker, TEDx veteran and thought leader in modern media and drug-policy circles. 

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Keynotes: 1 Books: 1 Videos: 5

Heidi A. Swan

Advocating at Local, State and Federal Levels to Prevent the Mental Health Consequences from Use of Marijuana

A passionate voice to educate about the mental health impacts of marijuana, Heidi's been on Dr. Phil, and NBC-LA. As resident of California, she advocates for local control and warning labels. Federally, she insists our elected leaders publicly disclose the  known risks THC pose to brain health.

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