Rocky Garza You Deserve to be KNOWN

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  • Be Clear. Be Confident. Be Known.
  • Be Impactful. Be Influential. Be Durable: Keynote for Baby Boomers
  • Be Seen. Be Understood. Be Free.
  • Team Identity Mapping - Eight Hour Intensive Session

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You deserve to be KNOWN.

I believe every person wants 3 things at their CORE. We want to know what makes us unique, we want to be affirmed for our uniqueness and we want to use our uniqueness for good. No matter the age, race, gender or socioeconomic level of any person I have had the pleasure of working with, these 3 things have always been true. We all want to BE KNOWN.⁠

Yet, I know first hand how hard it can be to identify what makes us unique on our own. We get caught in insecurities and fears. We look in the mirror and have a hard time seeing what everyone else says they see in us. It can be hard to ask yourself questions you don’t have the answer to and most of all, it can make us feel invisible. And I know exactly how that feels. ⁠

I spent a large portion of my life trying to get others to notice me, approve of me and tell me that I was valued based on my performance. And no matter how hard I worked or how “special” I thought I was, nothing seemed to change until I took a long hard look at WHO I was and not just WHAT I did. Over the last 15 years, I have walked alongside individuals at Sky Ranch Summer Camp as a director of Summer Camp, sat and supported hundreds on the pastoral staff at Chase Oaks Church and now taken thousands through my Identity Mapping process leading them to have the clearest picture of who they are as individuals they have ever had.⁠

It is time to change your life, transform your team and find out exactly what makes you unique. Over the last 15 years, there is one conviction I have always held, YOU DESERVE TO BE KNOWN.⁠

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