Jessica Kriegel Workplace Culture Strategist, Doctor of Leadership & Management, Fortune 100 Thought Leader

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  • The Culture Equation
  • Why a Culture of Employee Fulfillment Out-Performs Employee Engagement
  • A Culture That Works for All Generations
  • How Unconscious Bias Gets In the Way of Creating The Culture You Want
  • Make Your Strategy Work On The Frontline

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  • 2016 Unfairly Labeled: How Your Workplace Can Benefit From Ditching Generational Stereotypes

Jessica is the Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture for Culture Partners, leading research and strategy in best practices for driving results through culture. For 15+ years, Jessica has been guiding global, national, Fortune 100 and other organizations across finance, technology, real estate and healthcare industries on the path to creating intentional cultures that accelerate performance.

After she got her MBA and became a global consultant for a human capital management solutions provider, Jessica consistently saw highly-stressed leaders failing to deliver against lofty financial goals. She knew that if these leaders could transform their cultures, performance and profitability would follow. But, because culture is often viewed as an intangible, these leaders didn’t know where to begin.

So, Jessica set out on a personal mission to quantify culture.

Her doctoral research and consulting engagements with Oracle, Toyota, Lockheed Martin, Federal Reserve, and Bank of America to name a few, led to the Culture Equation - a tested model where strategy combined with culture to deliver consistent results.
Today, Jessica applies data-driven insights to dismantle the chaos of poor morale, low performance, and missed financial goals. CEOs have leaned on her to ask questions that their internal resources may be too afraid or unaware to ask, and get the results they need. As a certified Business Impact ROI specialist, she can translate seemingly soft skill programs into monetary values. With data, humor, and energy, Jessica Kriegel is a disruptive thought-leader on culture transformation that companies need to build organizational success. She works with clients in-person and virtually to drive business results. She is based out of a little house on the river in Sacramento, California.

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