Rocky Garza Challenger; Truth-Teller; Belief Creator; Entrepreneur; Business Consultant

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Rocky was amazing and EVERYONE was so inspired after his presentation. He was able to connect with everyone so easily and they everyone engaged through the three-hour, yes three-hour workshop. He was able to get everyone to think outside of the norm and really dig into themselves and how they connect with others. I believe everyone learned so much! We will for sure have him back again and work hopefully work with our leaders on a more granular level. And I would say the best part was the time he spent with us preparing and making sure his message was in brand for us, using our language and knowing who we were as a company so when he was on stage, he spoke like one of us.

Amy Luebers, Director of Training and Development at Knightvest

Energetic, engaging, and captivating, that describes Rocky Garza. He does a great job of keeping the crowd focused on the topic and task in front of them. He has an uncanny ability to connect with the crown on a highly personal level and even had a few folks brought to tears because of the power in his message. He did a great job on doing his homework and observing our company to connect his message to our needs. Rocky was by far the highlight of our two-day leadership meeting and the overall performance exceeded all expectations.

Andrew Lee, Director Strategy & Planning at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Listen, I am going to keep this short because I fully believe in this process and that Rocky is doing exactly what he was created him to do. You have to take your team through Identity Mapping Team Transformation because you can't put a price tag on clarifying who you are and how that connects to what you do. When I was able to connect what I was put here to do, it was a game changer.

Blair Nelson, Marketing Director at WFAA

If I could describe having Rocky lead our annual leadership conference, I would say “INCREDIBLE”. He lead our opening keynote, lead an afternoon breakout session and closed the conference the next day. It was a powerful to say the least and honestly, the way he closed it left out entire 100+ leaders in a standing ovation. He fully immersed himself in our culture and custom fit all the sessions to our staff perfect. He is a MUST hire.

Dustin Livingood, Senior National Marketing Director | Greystar

The experience of working with Rocky was transformational. He absolutely has a gift to identify and map an individuals unique strengths, and the insight he provided revolutionized how I, and my company, operates. Working with Rocky should be a 'must' on anyone's to-do list!

Evan Stewart, CEO Obsessed Academy

Rocky was amazing and EVERYONE was so inspired after his presentation. He was able to connect with everyone so easily and kept everyone highly engaged through the three-hour, yes three-hour workshop.

Jacob Wills, AVP of Branches at MobilOil CU

The trust that was cultivated between us during our time together was was an invaluable foundation for great collaborations within our team.

Joanna Singleton, Partner at Jackson Spaulding

I've been to a lot of "workshops" and team building "off sites" over the last 12 years. The day our leadership team spent with Rocky and this is the best I've ever experienced. Rocky has a unique gift for helping individuals and teams give words to their core values and strengths while providing practical, actionable takeaways that lead to greater influence and impact.

Kyle Sims, Sr. Regional Vice President at Axa Financial

Rocky was interactive, encrouaging and highly motivational. He was more than able and willing to connect to our guest and the longer the spoke the more connected and engaged everyone became. His message was exactly what we needed and wanted, and we already have folks in the office using his examples just two days later. My only wish is that I wish we would have found him earlier!

Matt Morris, President of Gus Bates Investments

Rocky claimed, "at the end of the day you will know yourself more deeply than you ever have." Without exception, we did! I highly recommend Rocky Garza to any individual or team who is looking to become known, seen and empowered not through gimmicks but through real conversation.

Pamela Harless, Chief People & Culture Officer at Grant Thornton