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Finnian Kelly The Leading Expert on Living a Life of Intentionality

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  • EO Nicaragua Intentionality Mini-Documentary

    Witness the transformations that happened at this interactive event with Finnian Kelly in July 2021. After learning the 7 principles of Intentionality, participants went on a breathwork journey and found their way back to their True Nature.

  • EO Durban Mini-Documentary with Finnian Kelly

    A sold out and highest rated EO event with Finnian featuring immersive breathwork and his personal transformation tools for a life of Intentionality - EO Durban 2020.

  • The Five Secrets to Mastering a Life of Intentionality

    In this workshop Finnian talks you through the five secrets of living a life of Intentionality so that you can: 1. Achieve disproportionate outcomes in your life. 2. Experience fulfillment NOW without the need to chase things. 3. Eliminate friction from your life so you can life by your own positive constraints. 4. Program yourself to choose love over fear as your default. 5. Connect to your True Nature so you can find your path, get on your path, and stay on your path.

  • Unstoppable with Kerwin Rae

    Some of the favorites moment from this chat with my fellow Aussie mate are: 1. Defining the ‘ego' and its role interfering with intentional living 2. How to live intentionally in a relationship 3. My proudest moment when I was featured on the National Geographic documentary ‘Undercover Angel'

  • The Jesse Tee Show

    Finnian shares his personal journey over the past four years and how he lost his way, found his way and keeps his way by living a life of Intentionality.

  • Live Your Truth Now Podcast with Katie D'Andrea

    Finnian shares his story about how he shaped and formed his extraordinary life on his terms by following the path of Intentionality.

  • Time To Shine Podcast: Living a Life of Intentionality

    1. Live for progress, not perfection 2. Give yourself self affirmation and lots of compassion 3. A great coach will ask you, ‘what is the question that you don't want me to ask you?' 4. Live with intention in direction, prosperity, love and well being 5. Choosing to utilize love over fear is a great motivator

  • Finnian Kelly on the My Wakeup Call podcast with Dr. Mark Goulston

    In this episode Dr. Mark speaks to Finnian Kelly, world-renowned speaker and creator of whose wakeup call was the breakup of a relationship four years ago and his intention to discover his true, real self.

  • DreamNation Podcast: How to be Financially Happy

    Can you have money AND be happy? Can you be both financially and spiritually abundant? According to our podcast guest today, Mr. Finnian Kelly, the answer to all of these questions is YES. Yes, you could be financially abundant and be happy, and you can be financially abundant and be fulfilled.

  • Speaker Series: Finnian Kelly on Protecting Your Personal Finances

    Being Financially Happy means having an intentional relationship with money . Finnian shares tips on how to reach a peaceful, purposeful and powerful state with your money, so you can feel empowered and confident in your finances and in your life.