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Finnian Kelly Intentionality, Personal and Organizational Transformation Expert

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  • Seven Ways to Cultivate an Intentional Relationship with Technology

    Are you a slave to your phone? Do you struggle to separate yourself from your computer? Are you forever ‘just glancing' at social media? It's tempting to blame the tech revolution for the far-reaching ways our lives have changed in the past two decades. We're more connected than ever, but lonelier too. Our attention spans are now officially less than a goldfish's because it's the only way we can cope with the constant onslaught of information! But here's the truth... Technology is not the problem.

  • How To Create A Spiritual Relationship With Money So You Can Love Being Wealthy

    If you're like most people, your relationship with money is not exactly empowering - and it's not your fault! Money is a taboo, which means it's not a subject we're comfortable talking about. Money is emotionally charged too - evoking all sorts of challenging emotions such as guilt, shame, embarrassment, and greed. These are big issues because our modern world runs with money. Whether you like it or not money IS the thread that flows through everything and this is a fact you can't escape.

  • Are you intentionally walking your path?

    Have you ever had that moment where you suddenly look around and wonder where the F**K am I, how did I get here and how do I find my way? So often we see major life changes as challenging, unfair, a great loss, terrible tragedy (I could go on!) What if instead, we chose to use this time as an opportunity to awaken and to find your path and intentionally walk down it.