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Finnian Kelly Intentionality, Personal and Organizational Transformation Expert

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  • The Power of Intentionality: Unlocking the Principles of Life's Greatest Loophole
  • Intentionality: A Feelings First Approach to Living and Leadership
  • Conscious Creation: Three Ways to Recoding Your Extraordinary Life
  • Reimagining the Future of Work: Artificial Intelligence, Affective Labor, and the Power of Intentionality

A seasoned leadership coach behind business, finance, non-profit, military, and spiritual leaders across the globe, Finnian helps companies, organizations, and individuals unlock the power of Intentionality in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. By combining his passions for data, science, and psychology, Finnian uses a hands-on, immersive approach for moving people from a place of disempowerment to one of clarity, confidence, and meaningful contribution. Finnian is an expert in human and organizational transformation and a master of a number of modalities including: energy interventions, breathwork, meditation, entrepreneurial coaching, movement and emotional clearing. Finnian has a Masters of Science in Positive Psychology and Applied Coaching and degrees in maths, physics, teaching, finance and leadership. Finnian’s work with individuals, teams, organizations, and underprivileged communities has been featured on National Geographic’s Undercover Angel, Business Insider, Forbes, Sky Business, ABC, Smart Company, and more.

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