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Finnian Kelly Intentionality, Personal and Organizational Transformation Expert

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Working with Finnian has been incredible. Coming into it I didn't know what to expect and I thought he was just going to help me in one particular area, but I gained so much more. I learned a lot about myself and I became more fulfilled in both my personal and professional life. The intentional daily practices have helped me bring alive my vision and goals. I credit Finnian for helping me be intentional and understand the importance of that.

Bennie Fowler, SuperBowl Champion

My biggest takeaway since working with Finnian is definitely the idea that literally anything is possible. The intentional living practices I've adopted since working with Finnian have transformed my life. Now I only pursue and continue with relationships that serve me and through working with Finnian, I've been able to reprogram my thinking to view opportunities holistically. The positive energy exchange I feel from a conversation with Finnian is addictive and something I look forward to. Finnian's entire approach along with his honesty and authentic joy at the success of others is contagious!

Dani Wales, Creative Director of the Red Door Project

Finnian's perspicacity has allowed me to create congruence between my head, my heart, my wallet, and my calendar. I am now more intentional about how I prioritize what's important in my life in line with my values and the results have been ten-fold!

Ian MacGregor, CEO Skratch Labs

Working with Finnian has been life-changing. Introducing the principles of Intentionality into my life has increased my business results, improved my personal relationships and has even had transformed my health. Additionally I have achieved more abundance and freedom through the Financially Happy program and working with Finnian has greatly enhanced my spiritual and personal growth.

Keith Roberts, Creator of the OAK Journal

Financially Happy is the helping hand we need to bridge the gap between our limiting beliefs and who we truly are. It is ultimately a spiritual journey of remembrance. Finnian Kelly not only lives by example, but he is one of the true teachers out there who understands the role money can play on our path to self-realization. His methodology is helping women around the world develop internal resources that make every part of their lives better. His wisdom will help you develop yours. Knowing Finn has made my life and work richer in every way.

Stacey Tisdale, CEO of Mind Money Media Inc.