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John Foley Former Lead Solo Pilot of the Blue Angels

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  • Drive the Ball
  • High Performance Climb

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  • 2019 Fearless Success: Beyond High Performance
  • 2015 Glad To Be Here Debrief- Activating High Performance for Teams

As Lead Solo pilot of the heralded Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy’s precision flying team, John Foley had to consistently perform as part of a team in an intense, high-stakes environment. Reaching that level of excellence required commitment, discipline, and trust. Using Blue Angel methodology as a model, John has developed a unique approach that equips others to make the same journey toward excellence. His message, delivered with contagious enthusiasm, emphasizes principles of trust, alignment, clarity, and commitment, positioning individuals and teams to achieve and sustain higher levels of excellence than they ever dreamed possible.

How do the Blue Angels consistently operate with such precision while flying inches apart at 450 mph? John provides a proven model that demonstrates a highly effective way to achieve precision by closing performance gaps. Taking examples from his own experience, he simplifies complex challenges so they can be met immediately. He connects the high intensity of the Blue Angels to your organization and provides concrete tools to begin the process of reaching and sustaining excellence.

John has served as an adviser to Fortune 500 corporations, professional sports teams, venture capital companies, professional associations, and educational organizations. He shows audiences how to inspire success, create commitment, align teams towards a common goal, and build unprecedented levels of trust.

Achievements include:

-Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy

-Multiple-year letterman for Navy football, participating in two bowl games and contributing to one of the best four-year records in Navy football history

-Six-time winner of the Top Ten Carrier Pilot award during Naval service

-Extensive media experience including appearances on major networks, A&E, the Discovery Channel, and Comcast SportsNet

John combines his experience and unique insights to equip organizations, teams, and individuals to pursue their highest goals, achieve breakthrough performance, and sustain results.

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