Galen Emanuele Keynote Speaker | Leadership | Team Culture | Emotional Intelligence

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  • Creating a "Yes, And" Culture.
  • “Tell Me More About That” - Effectively Navigating Conflict & Delivering a ‘No'
  • Culture Unlocked: Clarity, Commitment, Consistency

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  • 2017 The 'Yes, And' Manifesto - Free Download - his manifesto outlines what an exceptional “Yes, And” culture looks like on a day-to-day basis.
  • 2017 Strategic Culture Plan Template - Free Download - This free guide will help you to create a strategic culture plan for your organization to help drive workforce engagement and team performance.

Galen transforms the way teams and organizations approach and establish culture, perform together, and impact each other at work. His unique content is full of actionable tools to massively improve team dynamics, communication, EQ, and generate high-level performance and engagement. A highly sought-after international speaker, with clients including Microsoft, Safeway, and NASA, Galen is also a world-class improviser, having taught and performed improv for many years and toured with the cast from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

An authentic, captivating teacher and performer, Galen has a unique gift of cutting through the noise and fluffy language to translate broad concepts into simple, practical skills and mindsets. Developed over thousands of hours on stage working with audiences and teams, Galen’s profound truths and tangible takeaways permanently change the way humans show up in business and life.

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