Galen Emanuele Keynote Speaker | Leadership | Team Culture | Emotional Intelligence

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  • Galen Emanuele Speaking Sample

    Galen giving the luncheon keynote for the WA State Annual SHRM Conference in Seattle on April 20th, 2018.

  • 5 Ways to Build Culture With Remote Teams

    With so many teams and employees working remotely, the conversations about keeping remote employees engaged and motivated have come to the forefront. Building and maintaining team culture from afar is important, here are five ways companies and leaders can up their game and awareness.

  • Speaker Promo Video

    Galen is an international speaker who works with teams and organizations around the globe including Fortune 500's such as Shell and Microsoft, creating a radical shift in how people interact and communicate in business. Galen's captivating programs teach teams how to apply the improv concept of “Yes, And” to sharply improve communication, leadership, and create an intentional culture of high-level performance and engagement.

  • Team Workshops

    Galen's unique workshops immediately and permanently transform the way teams and leaders perform in business. Participants gain tools to create a “Yes, And” culture of improved leadership and communication to establish cohesive, highly-engaged teams.

  • Yes And Galen Episode 3

    Our Yes And Galen episodes are an authentic glimpse into Galen and the work he does to impact teams and organizations. This episode: Receiving information, intentional leadership, and practicing kindness.

  • Galen Emanuele -TEDX-

    Leadership mastermind & world-class improviser Galen Emanuele transforms teams and organizations by teaching them how to create a "Yes, And" culture of high-level performance & engagement.