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Carly Pollack Featured Owner of Nutritional Wisdom, Author of Feed Your Soul, Functional Nutrition Practitioner

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My journey has been the hardest thing I have ever done as well as the best thing I have ever done. Over the course of my journey, I have become a new and better version of my authentic self. I started my journey at around 300 pounds and addicted to fast food. I am currently 160 pounds and I don’t miss the fast food at all. I have never felt better about myself. In all aspects, mind, body, and spirit. I would have to say that the best thing I learned from Carly at Nutritional Wisdom, aside from the wealth of knowledge and passion she has for health and nutrition, was to understand that this is not just a physical journey. That it is equally an intellectual and spiritual journey. I remember something she said and it has been a tool I have used over and over again along this journey as well as in all aspects of life. "You have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Learning to sit in that uncomfortable state and accept it, that is where the spiritual growth happens. That is where the change starts." Thank you, Carly!

Adam S.

I first met Carly when she gave a lecture on nutrition for the endurance athlete. The irony in this is that I clearly was not an endurance athlete, but I think it was my body telling me it was time to take control of my life. Through my work with Carly, I now understand how to listen to my body, understand what it is telling me and understand the importance of balance. For the first time in my life I now know what it means to have true vitality, to wake up and be able to enjoy life as I was meant to enjoy it. While Carly takes a no nonsense approach to her work, she is perhaps one of the most genuine, compassionate and dedicated person I know. She meets her clients at a place where they are comfortable and without judgment. Having lost over 80 pounds since seeing Carly, I can honestly say that working with her has changed my life. I feel as if I have turned my body on for the first time and I am never going back. I am thankful to call her my nutritionist and honored to call her my friend.

Anthony F.

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time today to give the nutrition talk... You are a wealth of knowledge. I've been to talks before that seemed all the same, but I really feel like I took something away with this one…

Cindy, Audience Member at the Texas Medical Association Conference

Thank you so much for speaking to us yesterday afternoon. You certainly enlightened us on many points, and I can speak for most of us. I could go into my thoughts on how I agree with you in so many ways, but suffice to say that you simplified...what we should instinctively know.

Dave, Employee at Rackspace

Carly delivered one of the most engaging, passionate, and inspirational lectures I've heard in a long time. Combine that with her witty humor and personal anecdotes and you have more than just a lecture, but a hilarious personal journey about becoming the best version of yourself through Nutritional Wisdom. I've now had the opportunity to work with Carly for the last few months on my own personal journey and can firmly say, "I'm a believer!"

Jeanine, Employee at Facebook

I have been consulting with Carly for nutrition advice for about ten months now, and let me tell you she is the WHOLE PACKAGE!!!!! She is everything you could ever wish for: beyond knowledgeable, full of tips and tricks, motivating, ridiculously funny and REAL!!!!!! Ten months ago I weighed 156 pounds, ate recklessly, and enjoyed my couch over exercise any day. From my first chat with Carly, all that started to change. Carly just doesn't put you on some diet and hope for the best. With her it's about the whole picture, changing your whole lifestyle so you never actually feel like your on a diet. She digs deeper, totally getting into your psyche, to find the root of the problem. Today I am down to 134 pounds (22 pound loss), went from a size 12/14 to a size 4, and I am still losing weight without starving myself, taking some magic pill, or any other fad diets out there. I eat real food, and ALOT of it!!!! My co-workers often joke that I am the skinniest one who is always eating!!! And I have MUSCLE!!!!!!! Carly's motivation when it comes to exercise has changed my life, I have a new hobby, and I can honestly say that I enjoy working out now :)

Liz P.

Before going to Nutritional Wisdom, I was incredibly frustrated with my weight. I ate healthy, trained intensely, and competed in speed skating and running yet I still could not seem to lose any weight. Finally I was at the point where I was willing to try anything to take the weight off and scheduled an appointment with Nutritional Wisdom. That turned out to be the best thing I could have done. Carly not only helped me address the issues that were preventing me from losing the weight I needed but she helped me find how to eat healthy specifically for my body. It's been almost 2 years since that first appointment. Since that time not only have I been able to keep my weight under control I directly contribute my weight loss as a major factor in medaling at the United States Roller Sports National Speed Skating Championships in 2012.

Melissa P.

I used to tell my parents when they complained about my [nutritional] pickiness that when buying fertilizer for the yard, they read the bag to know the ratio of this to that because they want a 'healthy' yard... but they don't even read the ingredients on the box of the food product they themselves eat! It was a pleasure listening to you.

Michael, Employee at LIVESTRONG

My fitness trainer recommended Carly's services when I reached a point of not being able to lose weight, no matter how hard I trained. In addition to this, I was also having sleeping issues, heartburn with any/all foods, and a general lack of energy. With Carly's help, I was able to learn how important your diet is to your overall health and well being. As soon as she pointed out what was happening and structured a plan, I was all in. As soon as I finished the 10 day detox program, I not only dropped 9 pounds of fat, but I also began sleeping 8 hours a night, something I had not done in 3 years. Following her direction and now eating to my metabolic type, I was able to drop another 11 pounds in a short time to get from the 200s to the 180s. Over time, I reached a plateau and struggled to maintain the weight I had lost. Working with Carly, and making the commitment to cut my fat intake and cut out alcohol, helped me break out of my plateau and reach my new weight of 165, which I have been able to maintain. In my time with Carly, I've learned how to limit sugar and make my body burn fat, what causes cravings and how to keep them at bay, eat to my metabolic type, and learn which foods have a positive/negative affect on me. The knowledge she has shared has also motivated me to research on my own to help maintain and improve my diet. Carly, thank you for your dedication, motivation, and time. I'm happy to say that I will begin my 40s in excellent health.

Vic R.