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Carly Pollack Featured Owner of Nutritional Wisdom, Author of Feed Your Soul, Functional Nutrition Practitioner

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  • Subtle Shifts That Will Vastly Improve Your Health
  • Conscious Eating: Find the Intuitive Eater Within
  • Make Your Wellness Transformation a Permanent Change
  • The Diet for YOU: Rise Above the Diet Dogma and Find Your Unique Medicine
  • Self Compassion: Creating A New Narrative
  • Starting Your Spiritual Practice
  • Don't Just Manage Stress, Eliminate It
  • Self Care For Busy People
  • Exercise Deep Dive: Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
  • How to Prevent Burn Out and All or Nothing Mentality

Select Book Titles

  • 2019 Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled
  • 2017 Finally Full-Filled: Lose Weight Permanently and Find Your True Self in the Process

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Carly Pollack is a published author, hilarious speaker, and the founder of Nutritional Wisdom, an award-winning private practice based in Austin, Texas. She is a certified Clinical Nutritionist specializing in holistic nutrition whole body wellness. Carly has been awarded Best Nutritionist in Austin five years running and has helped over 20,000 people achieve their health and happiness goals. Her book, Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently, was a #1 New Release on Amazon.

Carly has lectured all over the country for incredible companies such as Facebook, SXSW, Whole Foods Market, Texas Women’s Conference, Rackspace, Nielsen, lululemon, Atlassian, Frog Design, WeWork, Tech Stars, Flatwater Foundation, and the Texas Medical Association--among many more.

Growing up, Carly struggled with anxiety, immune issues, and an ongoing battle with her weight. Through trial and error, Carly was able to figure out why so many of us fail to achieve the health we so badly desire. Through years of study and self-healing, she found the key to creating permanent change. Carly beautifully marries the science of the body to the wisdom of our intuition.

Having grown up as a quick-witted New Yorker, she was raised without the ability to sugarcoat the truth. You won’t find any nonsense here--just clear and honest information—and some tough love if you need it. Her teachings empower you to shift your thought patterns, change your physical body, properly manage stress, and live your best life.

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