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Carly Pollack Featured Owner of Nutritional Wisdom, Author of Feed Your Soul, Functional Nutrition Practitioner

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  • Mystery Food Ingredients Revealed - Austin Fit Magazine

    With the unfortunate prevalence of food technology, more and more mystery ingredients pop up in our everyday munchies. Foods that were once simplistic in nature are now loaded with stuff we can’t even pronounce. On the other hand, there are some hard-to-pronounce ingredients that are completely harmless. Let’s navigate the world of mystery ingredients and find out what’s safe!

  • Mentally Prep For Bathing Suit Season

    I'm back at it with my girl Alexandra Harbushka on her podcast Real World Woman Sex, Money & Food. We're talking about the five ways to mentally prepare for bikini season.

  • Getting Off the Binge Eating Roller Coaster

    On this episode of the Real World Woman: Sex, Money, and Food Podcasts, I share how to implement permanent change, learning how to communicate with our bodies, and what true health really means. I talk with Alexandra about why a spiritual relationship with food is so important, and why having a slim figure should not be your ultimate goal. We dig into why our body should be a reflection of the love you have for yourself above all else.

  • Voted Best Nutritionist in 2015 - Austin Fit Magazine

    Carly has a bubbly and energetic personality that immediately puts her clients at ease. She's the woman behind Nutritional Wisdom and works to educate about the importance of balance.

  • Freshmen 15

    As a woman speaking from personal experience, the “Freshman 15” took one semester to gain and three years to lose. This elusive yet infamous weight gain affects so many unsuspecting students just trying to experience their first year of collegiate freedom! Learn why we pack on the pounds so you can steer clear of the traps and feel your best.

  • 40 Austin Under Forty

    Nominated for Top Entrepreneurs in Austin Under Forty 2015

  • What’s In Carly’s Fridge?

    Exploring Carly's healthy options with Austin Fit Magazine!

  • Voted Austin’s Best Nutritionist of 2014

    Carly was voted Best Nutritionist of 2014!

  • How To Overcome Addictive Patterns - Austin Fit Magazine

    In our quest for ultimate health and vitality, it is inevitable that we’ll encounter behavioral roadblocks that threaten to sabotage our end goal. Old patterns and negative behaviors are bound to surface as we navigate new health paths. The good news: once we train the neural pathways of the brain, addictive patterns can be healed.

  • Carly’s Picks For Healthy Dining In Austin

    The holidays mean celebrations, guests, and food—lots of food. Often, that food is eaten out, either as part of an event or because you’re just too tired from all the activity to cook at home. AFM polled our nutrition writers to find out where they like to go for healthy eating out on the town, and these Austin restaurants made everyone’s list. We’ve provided them—and a substantial amount of “honorable mentions”—to help you make good, healthy choices without sacrificing taste and experience while celebrating the season.

  • Water 101 - Austin Fit Magazine

    It’s been widely reported and discussed that drinking water is a necessary practice for achieving ultimate health, vitality, and performance. But just because we know better does not always mean we do better. Why is that, and why do people seem to have such a hard time remembering to drink enough water?

  • Need A Vacation… From Vacation? - Austin Fit Magazine

    Stemming from the pressure to look good on vacation, people tend to restrict themselves beforehand, which usually leads to binging once they have left the normal routine. The results? Coming home feeling sluggish, bloated, and low in energy—and needing a vacation from vacation...

  • Make Happiness Your Cardio

    Even if your day isn’t this chaotic, we are all experiencing some degree of stress, and it is affecting our health in more ways than we think.

  • Nutrition And The Mind: The Key To Reaching Our Highest Potential -

    How many of you know exactly what you need to do to bring health and happiness into your life, but wonder why it is so hard to bridge that education into action? When clients come to see me, simply telling them what they should eat for optimal vitality is not enough. If we don't address the mind, how it works for and against you, you can never free yourself from emotional eating and self sabotage.