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Yossi Ghinsberg The Power to Survive, Inspiration for the Movie 'Jungle'

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  • Jungle Survival Skills: Adapting to Change During Uncertain Times
  • Jungle Survival Skills for Teams - Collaboration, Innovation, Survival
  • Jungle Survival Skills for Change - Innovation: In Flux, In Flow
  • Jungle Survival Skills for Business: The Power to Survive

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  • 2006 Jungle
  • 2006 Laws of the Jungle: Jaguars Don't Need Self-help Books

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In the midst of the uncharted Amazon, after losing his three companions, one man was tested to the extreme. Alone and bare to the bone, for three harrowing weeks he battled to survive against all odds.

However, Yossi Ghinsberg lived to tell the amazing story. As well as how the ordeal profoundly affected his understanding of himself and his life purpose.

Ten years later Yossi returned to the Amazon and made it his home. Working with indigenous forest dwellers for three years they built Cha-la-lan, a model eco-tourism village that inspired the entire world. The following decade of his life he dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of opiate addicts across the globe.

Author of the international best-seller 'Jungle', Yossi’s amazing journey has been made into a full-length feature film starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Yossi now travels the planet sharing his messages on vision, hope, survival and the inevitability of change.

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