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Valorie Kondos Field UCLA Women's Gymnastics Head Coach

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  • How a Ballet Dancer Reinvented UCLA Gymnastics, Survived Cancer, and Inspired a Community

    Her cancer gone today, Miss Val explains why she put her career on the line: “I wanted to reveal as much as I could so they could see that a diagnosis like this isn’t a death sentence and that it doesn’t mean that you’re going to become something different.

  • In Stirring Essay, Valorie Kondos Field Decries USAG 'Culture Of Abuse'

    Valorie Kondos Field — known as "Miss Val" in the gymnastics community — is the head gymnastics coach at UCLA and a powerful, respected voice in the community. In a January 21 essay published on her website, Miss Val articulated what so many other powerful women have said, too: former USA Gymnastics, Michigan State University, and U.S. Olympic doctor Larry Nassar was enabled by the systems around him.

  • Time’s Up USAG

    The sun has set on The Ranch. It’s time to listen. It’s time to heal. It’s time for the USOC and USAG to show the same courage these amazing women have. Time’s up!

  • Valorie Kondos-Field Let Her Gymnasts Feel Her Malignant Breast Tumor

    But before she can help them move forward, Kondos-Field has to help them with their baggage.

  • The Wizard & The Miracle Worker

    UCLA Magazine sat down recently with John Wooden, 95, and Valorie Kondos Field ’87, 46, in the den of Wooden’s comfortable Encino home to find out a little more about these two extraordinary UCLA coaches. Friends for many years now, the two share a genuine affection that became evident as the conversation turned to life, love, faith and, of course, coaching.

  • The Reverse Bucket List

    A Reverse Bucket List is basically a collection of your greatest hits and memories to serve the purpose of alleviating any stress your future Bucket List might hold.