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Tessa Morgan Mindfulness Expert, Accredited Trainer in Emotional Intelligence & Personal Growth Coach

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  • Tessa Todd Morgan Speaking Demo Video 2019

    Perfect balance of physical, mental and spiritual. A speaking demo video of Tessa Todd Morgan showing the types of mindfulness experiences she creates and topics that she speaks about. Bring optimism, stress relief, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, personal growth, work life balance and/or mindful movement to your next meeting or event worldwide.

  • Find your perfect balance. TRIESSENCE Mindfulness Experiences

    TRIESSENCE corporate training center offers unique workshop experiences to help companies find better work/life balance by taking better care of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Tessa Todd Morgan covers topics such as stress relief, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, personal growth, professional development and optimism.

  • Tessa Todd Morgan's Speaking Promo Video

    Need your group to learn some Emotional Intelligence techniques and how to be more Mindful? Watch these video clip's of Tessa's Stress Relief and Personal Development for Leaders or Individual Contributors Presentations.